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kalungi yahya    uganda  ,  2015-09-14 12:00:23

asaalaam alaikum great job

Zaks Chery Mustapha    Cameroon  ,  2015-08-11 20:26:50

salamualaikum, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon all the staff of RAF and the entire management as a whole. I am a Cameroonian and was in Qatar in 2013. That is when I actually discovered the humanitarian services of RAF, even to me personally as I benefited about 2000 riyal from it to solve accommodation and feeding problem. Thanks once again for help and my prayers every day here in Cameroon is that the lights of RAF should continue to shine so that the needy will keep on benefiting.

Ali salim    Kenya  ,  2015-07-28 22:29:05

Asalamu alaykum. May Allah grand the founder of raf jannatul firdaus. Myself are among 20 who graduated in 1st graduation(faculty of shariah) in raf international university in kenya with grade of excellent. Allah will protect Ala thani family and reward them jannat inshallah ameen.

Caroline    Qatar  ,  2015-07-10 18:05:13

I'm happy to see English page and Raf has great work and projects. I like how simple and clear the message and your work Jazak Allah Khair

SHEIKH AMIN    Kingdom of Lesotho  ,  2014-12-09 13:40:42

Allah's Mercy and Blessings Continue to be with the Entire Foundation of Raf especially its Founder and the Entire Staff. Continue the Good Work may ALLAH reward you all.

Rajeshwar Rao      ,  2014-08-28 09:09:04

You guys are good great work, may god bless you and give the strength to do more and more...... All the best, email for any volunteer work is required, myself with small group of 20-40 people will be available for your services.

Dr.Namwanja Paul    Uganda  ,  2014-08-12 20:38:58

very happy with the great work done by this wonderful orgarnisation.

Faduma Mahamud    SOMALILAND .HARGEISA  ,  2014-05-24 20:03:42

Allhumduliah , Great work to help people who in need

abohassaan24      ,  2014-05-15 03:16:13

My Allah give you as well you given our brother & sister's ahope of there is good Muslims like you I am so happy to knows someone like you may Allah reworded ever single mony that you spend for Allah sick

Saeed Abdelrahman     United Kingdom- London  ,  2014-05-14 23:08:27

I heard about the wonderful support your organisation giving to the Eritrean refugees in Yemen Jazakum Allah Khair and May Allah bless those who established and support this organisation

Ahamed Naufal Abdulla    India  ,  2014-03-02 14:48:18

Assalaamu Alaikum warahmatullai wa barakatuhu, Alhamdulillah, and salutations be in Our Prophet Muhammed(PBUH) Ma sha Allah, I start with the prayer, for all the RAF members, for their efforts for such a great noble cause. In sha Allah, I wish soon I can be among RAF for any good cause, helping and supporting with you. In sha ALLAH. May ALLAH grant us His Jannah. Ameen ya rabbil alameen. Peace be on you all.

Charo    Spain  ,  2013-10-26 15:12:06

Congratulations. Great work.

Mohammad HAFIZ    Bangladesh   ,  2013-10-06 19:01:48

good jobs, very happy to have visited your website today, i like your's all vision / mission, Allah bless all

adama jarju    gambia  ,  2013-09-02 02:44:28

happy 4 your does alover da wordl

fatima mylove    germany  ,  2013-08-19 18:02:11

allah should help syrien if you want give humanity helps tannnnnnnnnnks

amina nasir     nigerian  ,  2013-07-27 13:17:47

happy to join you as muslim brotherhood

Hassan Bin Saadoden    Philippines  ,  2013-07-09 07:59:36

this a great job to help our brothers

Hassan Bin Saadoden    Philippines  ,  2013-07-07 21:06:46

may Allah gives us more struggle to join this great job for the benefit of the entire ummah.

Azaad    Srilanka  ,  2013-05-27 20:04:33

Congratulations and all the best for the work you are doing...

Josiah Kolum    Qatar  ,  2013-04-04 14:31:37

Congratulations RAF for the good work you are doing. On behalf of Kenyan people, I wish to appreciate and commend RAF. Alhamdulillah.

shameer    India  ,  2013-03-05 22:22:11

Assalamu alikum, I am proud of this company,I heared about your activities like relief ,caring of Orphans and childrens. I pray for the successfull growth to high of this company.

Mahad Abdul Hamid al-Islamie Inc.,      ,  2013-03-05 14:25:27

Assalamu 'Alaikum, Alhamdulillah for these noble deeds. We are hoping that this foundation could help us also.. Amen Ya Rabb

Omar Abdirahman    Kenya  ,  2013-02-16 17:15:18

Assalaamu Aleikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuh...All thanks be to Allah, who has blessed us with the blessing of Islam. I would like to congratulate RAF foundation for opening the first islamic international university in Kenya. Keep up the good work. May Allah reward you generously.

Nassim Yusuf Nassim    Kenya  ,  2013-01-19 20:46:10

This is a very great work and indeed one of the best site i ever visited. With all these stuffs, Allah(sw) will reward all the charity contributors, well wishers and even those who pray for this project to be successfully. Its a great achievement indeed. If is there any assistance needed am ready to work as volunteer and need nothing in return. Wish you all the best.

Mohammed Hosni    Qatar  ,  2012-09-08 12:16:30

Congratulation i too wish to be a part of RAF organisation.

abdul gafoor farooqi director, malabar college of arabic     kerala india  ,  2012-09-03 03:51:05

allah mercy up on you

Wakhayanga Abdallah    kenya  ,  2012-08-27 16:56:13

Alhamdulillah we hear and see "Mercy is grace"The first Muslim University of its kind in our beloved country.Thanks and may Allah increase so that those who deserve can get and this is the progress that we all envision Inshallah

Pratap Singh Tomer    India  ,  2012-08-05 11:32:10

Great work, very happy to have visited your website today, god bless all

hassane    algeria  ,  2012-06-03 10:02:21

Congratulations RAF .we are very happy for english page .Now our voice can be delivered to the whole world.thank you for all staff raf

youcef nedjmaoui    qatar  ,  2012-06-02 10:05:25

mercy is grace

Abu-Hamza    Qatar  ,  2012-06-02 08:28:58

Thats a great goob ,, wish you all the best.