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70,000 besieged Syrians benefit from RAF project


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More than 70,000 Syrians in the besieged North of Rif Hams have benefitted during the past six months from an agricultural project launched by Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) in the war-torn country. RAF, in collaboration with a local partner, cultivated potato in 65 acres of land and harvested 325 tonnes of the key vegetable.
The project, ‘Kad Al Yamin’ (hardworking), provides work to generate income for 38 families in several phases from production to marketing.
It also helps reduce the prices of potatoes in the local market and sold at nominal prices. The supply covers a big chunk of the demand for potatoes in Al Ristan.
RAF is working on to support 250,000 people beleaguered in north of Rif Hams for over four years and are deprived of basic needs and forced to live in harsh condition.
There is shortage of basic food items and medicines and healthcare services are poor.
Commodities are very expensive as it is very difficult to provide humanitarian aid to the area. Inflation has jumped over 10-fold since the seize on the area.