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"Raf" take part in Commemoration of Humanitarian Day


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Under slogan "Raf with humanity"

Interactive activities directed to the audience 

Dr. Al No'emi: Humanitarian giving of Qatar is with no limits and our participation expresses of our efforts, showing our drive and renewal to our vision.

Doha – 19 Augusts 2015 
Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (Raf) is taking part in Humanitarian Day through several events to show its efforts in Humanitarian work as Qatar foundation which has a role in the international humanitarian contributions for the state of Qatar Under slogan "Raf with humanity"
Raf participation includes making an exhibition for the humanitarian photos which taken by Raf cameras through its humanitarian efforts, lectures and humanitarian workshops which both of the held in Retaj Residence Hotel with the activities which associated this on the social sites and Raf site.
Raf invited the audience to attend the exhibition for the humanitarian photos which show the humanitarian efforts which Raf foundation exerts in 90 states around the world which bears the message of  humanitarian giving with no limits and shows the effort which exerted by the officials of  Raf foundation to held and aid each human has a crisis or catastrophe.
With regard to this participation Dr. Yehia bin Hamad Al No'emi the assistant of the executive manager for programs and projects of Raf, declared that  Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (Raf) one of the civil society foundations of Qatar which concerned of the humanitarian work  in its aid and developing dimension at both local and international level takes part in the Humanitarian Day as its capacity a partner in the international humanitarian efforts and has an increasing role.
Raf message in all humanitarian interventions and developing initiatives has a clear vision and noble interventions message that it does not differentiate among the people whatever their nationalities, homes and cultures, starting from its slogan which bears the meanings "human mercy is virtue" ending to the last point that it reached to reach Qatar humanitarian message to the world,.
It becomes clear through Raf efforts which were exerted and still exerting, in the last year the humanitarian work of the foundation included five continents Asia, Africa, Aruba and the two Americas, the total of the projects carried out the last year were only 2048 projects distributed on 57 sates, in cooperation with 103 partners in 90 states where the humanitarian aid projects occupied the first center within the activities of the foundation, then  the season projects, educational, Dawah ,the constructing projects such as building mosques, schools, Quran study centers, educational complexes, building orphan houses and poor dwellings, then social care and at last the developing projects. 
Al No'emi said that we did not leave any one needs assistance that we started to reach to it
"Raf with the human" and Qatar humanitarian giving is with no limits so, our participation on the Humanitarian day is to express our efforts, showing for our drive and renewal for our vision.   

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