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RAF International University – Kenya


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At the age of globalization, the human being has become desperately in need of a qualitative education that combines precision and specialization, methodology and objectivity; an education that gives the person the ability to achieve his aspirations and ambitions, and which provides him with the academic skills and capabilities that are appropriate for contributing to the service of humanity in what benefits them, and reconstructing their homelands with development and construction.
Hence, education has become a locomotive for human development. If developed societies wish to achieve real growth, and an economically solid breakthrough, they must be interested in education, and they must make from education and development a bilateral equation.
The developed countries and communities have realized the importance of this matter since decades, and therefore, they have subjected all their economic and financial resources for the service of education. In this construction process, all governmental actors and civilians have also been involved, and endowment has played a pivotal role in writing the history of success for a number of prestigious Western Universities, the most important of which are a number of prestigious American Universities.
Since our view to the human being outlooks broader civilizational and developmental horizons, our support for universities and academies –as they are scientific edifices –is the pathway through which a human being of positive modernity and real contemporary can be formed; a human being that combines accurate scientific components and noble human values.
Quality Education and its Role in Development
Allah, The Almighty, has bestowed our beloved country, Qatar, with a conscious leadership that has a good insight, and it has made human development a strategic objective and a central pivot for various projects and programs which the State of Qatar is working towards formulating and implementing. HH Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the State of Qatar, may Allah protect him, says: "The overall development is our fundamental goal for achieving progress for our country and prosperity for our people.” 
On the other hand, His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Father Emir, may Allah protect him, is considered as the founder of the contemporary State of Qatar and he is the author of strategic visions for a global start for our country, as it has reached a leading position among its counterparts and societies. 
Also, His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the State of Qatar, may Allah protect him, has received the torch from ………, so His Highness set forth with the spirit of the worried youth, reconstructing and populating, being guided by the methodology of the first and foremost righteous people, looking forward to seeing a future full of achievements and progress. 
For the State to achieve this exuberant start towards a bright future, the wise leadership has made Qatar the leader in education and has made education a central issue, and a locomotive for the national development project, so it has set up universities, and supported research centers and provided all facilities for scientific education and took care of education from its first stages until university level, and provided the civil society a wide margin for contributing to the formulation of this success process. 
His Highness, the Emir of the State of Qatar, says: «The State of Qatar is determined to develop the educational system, the legislative, and the executive and judicial authorities; the progress and the superiority that we aspire for our country depend on our abilities."
What distinguished our wise leadership, may Allah protect him, is his openness to human issues, and his ongoing quest to support their needs; the most important of which is: the education sector. 
So with high guidelines from His Highness the Emir, and out of seeking guidance from his universal humanitarian vision, Qatar set out to broad regional and global horizons after taking care of its citizens, it supports this vital sector by constructing schools and educational centers as well as supporting universities and sponsoring students of knowledge. So it contributed to decreasing ignorance, fighting against illiteracy and spreading education; all of this has a positive impact in achieving and consolidating the rules of sustainable human development in many brotherly and friendly societies; both those who are near and those who are far.
University Name:
RAF International University
Meaning of RAF (Foundation):
RAF conveys the meanings of donating and development, and in the Arabic language it means compassion and mercy, which are also meanings that revolve around donating and development.
We consider this convergence at the linguistic level significance as a way for achieving civilizational convergence on the level of human development in its scientific and development dimensions.
General Framework of the University:
RAF International University is a contemporary University that is in conformity with the general guidelines of World Declaration On Higher Education published by UNESCO in 1995, as it is based on quality and governance, and it opens up to universal concepts while respecting the cultural specificities and setting up a scientific plan for human development. 
Forming the human being scientifically and academically until he attains the ability to play his central role within the pivot of comprehensive civilizational development. 
Providing scientific formation and academic qualification for students so that they would progress within specialized scales of knowledge that will enable them to actively participate in the construction of their home countries and the whole of humanity.
Working on graduating cadres with high efficiency in all disciplines through precise formation and encouraging scientific research.
  Scientific quality.
  Taking into account cultural specificities.
About the Project:
The idea for establishing RAF University sprang from a vision that is in line with the universal message of Qatar. It is seeking to prepare an educated and learned generation through educational programs that are responsive to the expectations of the future, in collaboration with partners in the field of human development in the world.
Project Objectives:
1. Providing University education in Kenya and in the Horn of Africa.
2. Scientific renaissance that produce human energies who are qualified academically and practically.
3. Providing a distinguished modern University education.  
4. Strengthening the leadership role of the State of Qatar in supporting global education sector in general and in Africa in particular.
Why Setting up the Project of RAF International University in East Africa?
1. It is an unprecedented civilizational project that aims at highlighting the cultural message of the State of Qatar. This project is based on quality
and wise leadership, and it stems from a universal human vision.
2. East Africa region is a promising region because of its natural, human and strategic qualifications, and it is an area of global attraction.
3. The project serves the Muslim minorities in the whole of East Africa, and it reinforces its presence in all productive and intellectual sectors in their countries.
4. It enhance the relationship of those minorities and their countries with the Islamic world.
The number of Muslims in these countries is 92 million, as the population of these countries in this vital region is 206,000,000 people.
Why Was Kenya Chosen From Among the East African Countries for Establishing this Project?
1. Strategic location, as the route linking Cairo to Cape Town passes through it, and this road passes through the location of the University to Tanzania.
2. It is politically stable, and it depends on a law that is founded on the British law; the investment opportunities in it are high due to the proportion of Muslims in the East African countries.
Important Features of this Leading Project:
Perhaps among the most important features available for doing this project are the following:
1. Availability of land, which has an area of 35 hectares and 140 thousand square meters.
2. There are initial buildings that are built and ready, including the mosque, classrooms, an administrative building, and dormitories, and the like, which help to immediately start the project and develop it.
3. Availability of teaching and administrative staff in Kenya.
4. It is easy to get the license to establish the University.
What is the university that we want and seek to establish?
RAF International University should be a modern University with a global humanitarian vision.
It is a modern University because it is in conformity with the global guidelines of the World Declaration on Higher Education published by UNESCO in 1995 as it is based on quality and governance, openness to global concepts, and it takes into account the local cultural specificities, and it sets up a plan for human development in its surroundings.
It stems from the universal human vision according to this global humanitarian scale as RAF International University in Kenya opens itself to 
all races in the framework of mutual understanding and cooperation.
Since Kenya is located in a country where the Muslims are a minority in it, as they constitute 35% of the total population in Kenya, so it is based on a local vision which takes into account all the components of the local community.
* It does not exclude local specificities of the Kenyan people and its neighboring African people.
* It is keen to graduate highly efficient cadres who have a humanitarian vision for the development of these peoples. 
* It is also keen that the teaching be in three languages: English, Arabic  according to specialties, and the local language of Kenya.
C. It is an example of peaceful coexistence, and the pagan tribes there have a good relationship with the Muslims. Establishing a University with RAF vision will allow the diversification of peaceful coexistence methods to include the formation of the Muslims of Kenya and rehabilitating them to achieve communication and positive interaction in their country scientifically and practically.
According to available data and in accordance with the vision set out earlier, the University project will pass through four stages; each
stage will have a sufficient period of time, and disciplines have been determined based on the need for educational and professional sectors in Kenya and the region.
The First Stage:
1. Faculty of Sharee’ah and Law: 500 students
Department of Quran Sciences and Sunnah; 160 students
Department of Sharee’ah and Law; 160 students
Department of studying religions and sects; 160 students
Department of High Studies 20, students
2. College of Administration and Computer Sciences: 500 students
Administration Department; 160 students 
Department of Computer Sciences; 160 students
Department of Accounting; 160 students
Department of High Studies; 20 students
3. Faculty of Education: 480 students 
Department of Education for Girls; 160 students
Education Administration Department; 160 students
Department of Education and Psychology; 160 students
Educational Curricula and Teaching Methods Department; 160 students
Department of Arabic Language; 160 students
Department of Graduate Studies; 40 students
The Second Phase:
4. College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine: 500 students
       Department of Agriculture; 160 students
        Veterinary Medicine Department ;160 students
        Agricultural Technology Department; 160 students
        Department of High Studies; 20 students
5. Vocational Training Institute: 200 students
The Third Stage: 
6. Faculty of Science: 840 students
Department of Geology; 160 students
Department of Biology; 160 students
Department of Chemistry; 160 students
Department of Physics; 160 students
Sports Department; 160 students
Department of High Studies; 40 students
7. College of Nursing: 160 students
The Fourth Stage:
8.  Faculty of Medicine: 300 students
9.  Teaching Hospital: 50 student
Total: 3,890 male and female students
Legal Arrangements:
* An international educational endowment has been established with charity objectives known as the International Trust for Educational Development (ITED); according to the laws in place, it is entitled to own and supervise educational projects: schools, universities, vocational institutes and research centers, charity, and Scientific training
and it has the right to manage endowments for the benefit of these projects, and others. Its headquarters are based in Kenya, headed by the Board of Trustees for Endowment which consists of 8 members, 5 from the State of Qatar, and 3 from Kenya. This Council is working on the management of the Secretariat and supervising its activities and projects, and this Council is also considered as the body that supervises the project of RAF International University.
* Signing a financing partnership agreement between the donor (Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services –RAF)
and ITED.
* Forming the Council for the presidency of the University which includes figures with international academic disciplines that are appropriate for the subjects of the University and it includes members from multiple countries such as Qatar, Morocco, Turkey, Britain, Malaysia and Kenya, among others.
* The Council of the University is working to develop the academic aspect and to prepare and develop the curricula, partnerships and establishing partnerships and gaining International recognitions.
* The University Council supervises the educational process as well as the entire administrative and executive process.
* All licenses required for the registration of the university have been obtained.

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