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Achieving an Aspiration


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 • Description:

Fulfilling the aspirations of the children with life-threatening chronic diseases.
• Main Objectives:
- Alleviating the circumstances of the children whose lives are endangered with chronic diseases by giving to their lives types of joy by achieving their wishes.
- Encouraging the children's parents and relatives and making them happy as they are despaired, by enabling them to see real happiness which they have so long missed in the eyes of their children.
- Promoting the principle of social solidarity and encouraging the culture of volunteerism by opening the door of moral and material contribution for everyone who is willing to contribute to the achievement of these aspirations.
• Beneficiaries:
Children aged from 3 to 18 years old from among the citizens and residents in the State of Qatar who suffer from life-threatening chronic diseases.
• Time Frame:
     Throughout the year
Implementation Method:
1 - Targeted children will be selected through private or public medical institutions for children.
2 – The work team will meet the child in the presence of his parents.
3 - The child will be given the choice to choose three aspirations and he will have the absolute freedom in doing so, while making sure that there is no external interference that affects the child's choices.
4 - A specialist doctor will be consulted about the possibility of achieving the aspiration for the child without it affecting him negatively.
5 - In case it is not possible to achieve the first choice for the child due to his health condition, or due to any other reason, then we move to the second choice, and so on, without informing the child about the reason why the first choice cannot be achieved if it is related to his health condition as a way of preserving his state of mind and morale.
6 – The wish of the child will be achieved and implemented in an excellent manner that exceeds the expectations of the child and his family, in a way that it achieves for the child and his family the highest degree of pleasure, satisfaction and joy, and making them totally forget their health condition.
• Estimated Cost of the Project:
The cost is estimated to QR 180,000

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