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Breaking the Fast and Fraternity Relieving Debtors of their Debts (Repaying their Debts)


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Relieving the sorrow of a group of brothers and sisters who are indebted and who are obliged by court order to repay their debts; some of them are threatened by imprisonment and some of them are already in prison because of being unable to repay their debts. So, their sorrow will be relieved by marketing a case daily in the newspapers, with a total of 30 cases in the holy month of Ramadan.
• Main Objectives:
1. Serving the local community by supporting the category of debtors by repaying their debt.
2. Spreading the principle of social solidarity and prosperity with their meanings so that this becomes a community culture.
3. Maintaining the ties of families and their cohesion by exempting the breadwinners of these families from repaying their debts.
4. Advising the people who have to pay the Zakaat, to pay it in favor of this category which is among the eight categories eligible for Zakaat.
5- Embodying the high meanings shaped by our ideological and spiritual heritage in its social dimension.
• Beneficiaries:
A group of brothers and sisters who are indebted are who are obliged by court order to repay their debts.
• Time Frame:
   During the month of Ramadan.
• General Conditions for Benefitting from this Support:
1. The person in debt must be a Qatari citizen.
2. He must be deprived of all repayment possibilities and facilities.
3. His debt must be for an Islamically permissible reason or a reason that is permitted in the customs. 
4. He must be imprisoned or threatened with imprisonment in a case against him in the court.
5. Making sure that the creditor is asking for his money and he is unwilling to renounce the debt of the debtor.
6. The debtor who has a family comes in priority over the one who does not have a family.
• Partners:     
 The Prosecution. 
• Estimated Cost of the Project:
     The estimated cost is QR 1.000.000

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