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Darfur Development Program


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Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) took special care of the brotherly country, Sudan. This is evident through the implementation of 157 humanitarian, developmental and charitable projects throughout the country of Sudan at a total cost of QR 35,334,904 in addition to initiating the implementation of the Qatar initiative in Darfur through villages services complex and projects of enhancement, habitation and social harmony.
RAF Foundation was at the lead of a technical team for a comprehensive assessment of the needs of Darfur in order to promote the peace process and the development of the region, and it participated in submitting a strategic plan for the development of this region in two phases:
The short-term phase is at a cost of 31 million Dollars, which is the equivalent of QR 113.150.000. The share of RAF Foundation in this phase is 6.200.000 Dollars, which is the equivalent of QR 22.630.000 for a period of two years.
During this phase, a program composed of five projects will be implemented, and it is as following:
1) Return rations 
2) Village Services Center
3) Model housing
4) Empowering the family
5) Promoting social harmony

Indeed, the implementation of one these projects has already begun, which is the Village Services Center, which paves the way for starting other projects.

The mid-range phase is valued at 529 million Dollars and it will be implemented throughout a period of four years; this was presented at the donors' conference.
RAF Foundation share in it is 105 million Dollars, which is the equivalent of QR 383.250.000. This is an integrated program which includes a large package of developmental projects.