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Model Center Project for Converting and Conditioning Agricultural Products


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This project is considered model and qualitative at the level of the Tunisian country and it is a center for converting and conditioning agricultural products.
RAF Foundation is seeking through this project to advance private agricultural investment sectors through the preservation and enhancement of agricultural products and giving them added value by using modern conversion methods, supply and canning in order to keep up with the requirements of market and consumer desires.
This project will contribute to strengthening the spirit of teamwork between farmers and encourage them to assemble in cooperative companies in order to improve their productivity.

Project Objectives

• Creating new jobs.
• Guiding and framing cooperative companies to support the productivity of their products and increase profitability and improve the quality of agricultural products.
• Strengthening the competitiveness of agricultural products in local and overseas markets.
• Providing agricultural products of high quality that meet international standards.
• Winning export bets and accessing the foreign market.
• Supporting the positioning of the Tunisian agricultural products which are of distinctive quality in the foreign markets.
• Conserving natural resources.
• Reducing disparities in development between the civilized and rural areas
Components of the Project
• Administration
• Factory
• Laboratory
• Medical vehicles
• Space for displaying the product
Cost of the Project:
• QR 5.133.490
• US $ 1.442.667
• TND 2.596.800 (Tunisian Dinars)


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