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Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani Village Project


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RAF Foundation, through the management of international programs and projects, carried out a work field survey and study of the needs of the poor and disadvantaged areas in Tunisia. Based on this, it submitted a plan to establish a package of projects that serve economic and social development.
Part I: 25 Model Social Housings
Housing is a basic need of every human being and especially for the Tunisian citizen because of difficult living conditions which he faces as the cost of renting an accommodation consumes more than 45% of his income, and at other times, it consumes 70% to 100% for families with many individuals.
The project constitutes of building 25 model housing units for poor families. This will be a qualitative leap in the level and nature and perception of social housing and its constituent facilities, so that RAF Housing will become a model and an example to be followed by the Tunisian state institutions in the construction of similar projects.
Objectives of the project:
• Sheltering the needy families in the province of Tozeur
• Providing social stability for 25 families threatened by being broken up. 
• Reducing homelessness in beautiful regions.
Housing Components:
• Bedroom
• Living room
• Kitchen
• Bathroom
• Hall and courtyard
• Garden
 Cost of the Project:
• QR  2,106,676
• US $ 589.448
• 978.484 Tunisian Dinars

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