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Leadership Programs and Supervision
- Introduction to Project Management
- The role of charities in supporting the implementation of the national development strategy 2011- 2016
- Leading the team work
- Project Management Professional PMP
- Project Cycle Management PCM
- Change Management
- Problem-solving and decision-making
- Strategic aspects on fields the charity is to be spent (beneficiaries)
- Managing and organizing conferences and charity exhibitions
- Creativity and innovation in charity work
- Personnel management
Management and Behavioral Programs
- The foundations of career achievement and excellence
- The art of dealing with the pressures of life
- Creative thinking skills and problem-solving
- Time Management
- How to deal with the pressures of work
- Management of meetings
- Self-management and planning for life
- The art of persuading others
- Executive Secretarial Skills
- Excellence in customer service
- Art and public relations skills
- Developing the skills of social research
- The art of dealing with benefactors and beneficiaries
- Effective Communication
- Preparing and writing reports
- Quality and excellence in dealing with major benefactors/ donors

Specialized Programs
- Concepts and foundations of charity work
- Quality Management Systems Awareness (ISO Awareness)
- Rehabilitation of internal auditors for Quality Management Systems (ISO 2008-9001)
- Safety and security procedures
- The professional foundations of modern marketing in charitable and humanitarian organizations
- Media coverage of the programs and activities of charitable organizations
- Activation of volunteer work in charitable organizations

Computer Software and Information Systems
- MS Word
- MS Excel
- MS Outlook
- MS Project
- After Effects CS5
- InDesign CS5
- Social Media

Financial and Accounting Programs
- Accountancy for Non-Accountants

Legal Programs
- Explaining the law of charities
- Concepts from international humanitarian law

Forums and Scientific Meetings
- Annual Meeting of the partners of humanitarian work
Annual meeting began in 2013 in order to contribute to the development of humanitarian work in general, and especially RAF partners.
- Exchanging expertise between civil society organizations and supporting mechanisms for partnership and cooperation among them
- Providing practical programs in order to increase the efficiency of the civil society organizations that are working in charitable and humanitarian fields - in planning and management of charitable projects.