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    RAF Center for Training and Civil Society Studies was established after examining the legal procedures and obtaining the approval of His Highness, the Minister for Social Affairs on 26/05/2010 in light of the provisions of the law on associations and private enterprises number (12) for the year 2004 and the Ministerial Decree No. (2) for the year 2005.
    The Center is considered as one of the main pillars of Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) in its quest to achieve its lofty goals in the development and promotion of charitable and humanitarian work in the world.
The timing of the construction phase of the Center coincides with the great interest that the State of Qatar is giving for charitable and humanitarian work and this is due to the  integrated services and activities that the Center will provide in the field of training and development, research and humanitarian  studies, which will qualify it to be a real supplement to the efforts exerted in the field of the service of civil society and an ambitious contribution that is in conformity with Qatar National Vision (2030) and its strategic objectives.
           The Center shall be an international consultant in the development and promotion of charitable and humanitarian work.
     Promoting the charitable and humanitarian work through the use of sophisticated means and deeper expertise in providing training programs, specialized studies and scientific research which aim at developing and improving the institutional performance of charitable and humanitarian organizations, and increasing awareness among its partners who support it and who are concerned about it in order to achieve the greatest benefit to the community.
The Centre aims, through specialized training programs and various studies and research which it provides, at the following:
- Spreading the culture of charitable and humanitarian work in the community and highlighting and emphasizing the role of institutions, charitable and humanitarian organization as an active and fundamental partner in social development.
- Improving the institutional and professional performance in institutions and in charitable and humanitarian organizations through:
- Developing administrative and leadership capacities in the field of planning, organizing and recruitment of human and finance resources, and using it and invest it in the best manner for the benefit of the target groups.
         - Refining technical, behavioral and cognitive skills of workers in this field and improving their professional competence in order to provide humanitarian services with the highest degree of professionalism.
      - Strengthening the spirit of innovation, initiative and hard work through development programs and self-development.
     - Exchanging expertise and ideas in order to activate the principles of work and coordination that are required to achieve common goals.
  - Rehabilitating volunteers wishing to work in this field as well as the beneficiaries of charity work projects.
- Servicing institutions and charity organizations through the provision of systematic studies that help in directing its programs and plans designed to meet the actual needs of the target groups.
- Quality and Excellence:
The Center measures its performance through the application of high-level metrics that respect great ambitions and endeavoring in the pursuit of excellence by being committed to highest standards in training, research and innovation.
- Leadership and teamwork:
The Center is committed to strengthening individual and institutional leadership roles that pushes the wheel of social development while having a strong faith in professionalism, responsibility, creativity and teamwork.
- Intellectual Freedom:
Intellectual exploration which is disciplined and sincere is considered as the core of the tradition of research that appear evident in all research, intellectual and training activities of the Center.
- Justice and fairness:
The Center is committed to the principles of social justice, equal opportunity and cultural diversity, and all its members are committed to the highest levels of integrity, respect and professional ethics.
- Transparency:
The Center is committed to offer the ideology that it adopts for the community, researchers and scientists in order to measure the amount of its contributions in global knowledge.