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RAF Center for Training and Civil Society Studies




       The great role of charitable and humanitarian sectors emerged in recent years as one of the main foundations in the service and community development. Despite the fact that this sector was widespread in the service of humanity, many studies in this field have revealed big challenges that are facing this sector in playing its role fully and threatening its survival and continuity.

     The most important of these challenges is the need of charitable and humanitarian organizations for institutional-based work on effective performance systems and initiatives of organizational development, as well as the need for leaders who have competence, vision and clear future goals, in addition to its need for trained and specialized manpower in this field.

     So the idea of ​​establishing RAF Center for Training and Civil Society Studies, stems from strong convictions that this sector needs specialized section to take care of specialized, professional, developmental, training and administrative activities in the field of charitable and humanitarian work, and it is working to fill the gap that was not covered so far by the Centers and Institutions working in the field of organizational training and development that is spread in various parts of the world.